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Color Intensive Workshop

June 4-7, 2024    

Tue- Fri  9:30-4:30


Tuition:  $425

Continuing Education Tuition:  $350

Color Intensive Workshop

This years's Teacher's Workshop will focus on color. The Color Intensive will cover an overview of color theory, a look at physical properties of pigments, and then focus on using a limited palette that is classic for all flesh tones.


We will create color charts using the Zorn Palette in oil paint, and practice with them on a portrait master copy.

June 4-7, 2024    

Tue- Fri  



Tuition:  $425

Teachers CE Credit

 Tuition:  $350

If you are currently employed as a teacher in a public or private school, you may register for $350. Please click the "Teachers Only" registration button.

Zorn Palette

The Zorn Palette is a classic limited palette that can cover all natural flesh tones. With only four colors, learn to mix the full range of values, hues, and chromas you need for a portrait or figure.


Color Theory

Overview of color theory and simplify into basic principals.


Pigment Properties

Color in. painting is carried by pigment. And understanding of the physical characteristics of pigments is important.

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