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Landscape Painting Program

Classes with Roger Parsons

Parsons Sunrise Symphony.jpg
 Sunrise Symphony, Roger Parsons

Studio Landscape Painting Class I & II

Studio Landscape Painting I (5 weeks)

March 26 – April 25

Tuesday and Thursday



(Students must complete Landscape I before being eligible for Landscape II)

Read our Refund and Cancellation Policy here

Studio Landscape Painting II** (5 weeks)

April 30 – May 30

Tuesday and Thursday



**Prerequisite Studio Landscape Painting I

In the Studio Landscape Painting Class, you will learn to paint large scale landscapes in the studio.  Bring a plein air study and reference photos. Students will develop a pencil drawing in class. Together, these become the foundation for a large studio painting. The class will focus on accurate perspective, composition, values, edges, and color.  Students will learn to mix color-values and apply paint.

Homework will include some readings.


These five books will be used as texts for the class.  

          1.  The Art of Color and Design, Maitland Graves*

          2.  Perspective Drawing for Artists, Rex Vicat Cole.

          3.  Composition of Outdoor Painting, Edgar Payne

          4.  Carlson’s Guide to Landscape Painting, John Carlson

          5.  Everything I Know About Painting, Richard Schmid


*The Graves book is out of print, but you can find used copies on line.

Read our Refund and Cancellation Policy here

Plein Air Painting Class

 Roger will be teaching this Plein Air Class again in the Fall of 2024. 

Jan 9 – Feb 8, 2024 (5 weeks) 

Tuesday and Thursday




NOTE: Tues, Feb 8 is make up day for weather related cancellation

Successful landscape paintings begin with successful Plein Air studies. Whether you want to paint landscape alla prima or develop a studio painting, getting good results painting en plein air can be a challenge.


In the Plein Air Painting Class, Roger will teach you everything he knows about painting landscapes on location from direct observation. You will learn his approach from start to finish, practical tools and tips, how simplify the subject, and how to see and compare color values. Most importantly, you will learn how to make decisions and solve problems in color, value, and edges.


Homework will include some reading.


Read our Refund and Cancellation Policy here

Advanced Landscape Painting Topics

Exploring Processes


Explore approaches used by other artists….methods, techniques, brushes, and palettes—limited palette, double universal palette, painting with palette knife. Roger has studied extensively enough to teach and demo processes, approaches and color arrangements used by other artists.



Developing Your Personal Aesthetic.


Receive mentoring and coaching to help each student arrive at their own process and improve their technical skills. Through practice, study, and experimenting, students can arrive at a place where the technical elements become second-nature, and the artist begins to create freely and with confidence, to express feeling/emotion.

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