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Open Studio Life Drawing


Drawing From Life

Drawing from life is very challenging and very rewarding. The human form is THE classical subject for all representational art. Learning to draw it is a life-long pursuit for the artist and is the foundation for the fine arts.


 "The nude is not the subject of art, but a form of art." 

-Sir Kenneth Clark

Come join us every Saturday to train your eye and enhance your skill!

Historic Life Drawing

The School of Fine Arts in Paris "Ecole des Beaux-Arts - Atelier de Peintre." Students are drawing from a live model to improve their skills.

Life Drawing Sessions

Everyone is welcome! You do not have to be a student of the Atelier to attend Saturday Life Drawing Sessions. Bring your supplies and join other artists who chose to hone and sharpen their skills by drawing from life. Easels are provided but we do not have drawing boards at this time. 

It's time to sign up for the Spring Costumed Long Pose! This session will last EIGHT WEEKS, from Mar 30 through May 25 (except Apr 6) on Saturday mornings. During the duration of the Spring Costumed Pose, our regular drop-in Life Drawing session will be Saturday afternoons.


Please note the Tuesday evening sessions have been discontinued. 


Eight Week Long Pose $100

Session drop-in $15 

If you are so inclined, each participant generally tips the model between $3-$5 each session. 


Saturday Morning Session 



Register above for Long Pose

Drop-ins welcome!

Saturday Afternoon Session


Mar 30 - June 1

Drop in and Draw

No registration necessary

741 Water, Ste 102

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